Ogham Divination 2/5

~ Ogham Divination for 2/5/17 ~


Feel drawn to one of the Ogham Stavs. Which do you feel called to? Once you are ready…Scroll Down to read a message coming to you, in correspondence to which you have chosen….




1 ~ Blackthorn, Straif ~ Representing wisdom and studies are being attained now, or turn your focus into reading and gaining knowledge and cultivating wisdom. “Wishing Thorn” ~ Overcoming! Turning the Negative Around! Transmutation. Morrigan Goddess. Black Tourmaline Crystal Medicine Needed.

2 ~ Birch, Beith ~ Representing new beginnings, Initiation, Purifying, Cleansing and Birth. “Berke Tree” ~ Egret Totem, Goddess Brigid, Clear Quartz (Lemurian/Record keeper/Enhydro/Faden/Starbrary/Self-Healed) Medicine Needed.

3 ~ Ash, Nion ~ Representing the need of undergoing either receiving or facilitating JourneyWork and Shamanic Healing. “World Tree”
Chickadee Totem. Minerva Goddess. Turquoise Medicine Needed.

4 ~ Reed, Ngetal ~ Representing a time for being practical and clear. “Myrtle Grass” ~ Renew something, or bring a breath of fresh air to an aspect to your life. HYDRATE! Coventina Goddess. Kingfisher Totem. Moss Agate Medicine Needed.

5 ~ Rowan, Luis ~ Representing Quickening occuring, Going deep into another phase in one’s life and the need to call on Magick, Positive Ritual and Prayer & Intention. Journalling. “Quicken Tree.” Quail Totem. Cerridwen Goddess. Green Tourmaline Crystal Medicine Needed.

6 ~ Pine, Alim ~ Representing AWE & Joy & Bliss, “Dragon’s Blood Blume Tree” ~ Certainty of Direction, Sancitity of Purpose, Cleansing. Rhea Goddess. Vulture Totem. Citrine Crystal Medicine Needed

7 ~ Elder, Ruis ~Representing Wisdom after Great time of Study, Experience, Transmutation and Magickal, Great Works or calling in this type of deep delving into study. “Lady Ellorn Tree” ~ Be Proud of how far you have come and of where you are going. Banishment/Exorcism. Venus Goddess. Pheasant and/or Moose Totem. Black/Red/Green Amber or Jet stone Medicine Needed.

8 ~ Alder, Fearn ~ Representing a need to release. Karmic Cord Release.  “Owler Tree” Taking a look at-Sheilding/Protection of your energy, as well. Healing the Energy Body and any blemishes in the etheric field with Meditation, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Reiki. ~  …Odin God. Seagull Totem. Amethyst and/or Sugilite crystal medicine needed.



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