Viking Oracle of 4/15

Viking Oracle Divination!

Tune into a Card…. and scroll on down…





  1. Sunstone ~ Trust. Even if a situation is Opaque and Unknowable… Just know in time, Truth will SHINE THROUGH. This could take some weeks, therefore, if you need space from said issue/event/person/thing…then take that space, as things and truth will shake out soon!
  2.  THING ~ THINGSTEAD ~ Several aspects here may apply to you. 1) You may be called to YOUR TRIBE to meet and hash things out, OR create a roundtable with family and friends OR to convene with people to brainstorm. 2) You may be called to make a FIRM DECISION, and that’s it, no waivering– and then move on from the situation. It is what it is.  3) You are being called to be diplomatic, moreso than being HARSH, right now. Which applies to you?

     3. Odin ~ SEEK GUIDANCE FROM A MENTOR, firstly… and/or reach out to good friends. Throw some Runes. You need more time of introspection, before moving forward. This a  time of magickal study, meditation, and being in Nature– for you. Convene with the Native Gods of your Ancestry.

    4. Perthro ~ Mystery, the Cauldron. Be Ready for some LUCK and Blessings, come your way. Invite it in. Look deeply solely within yourself for answers. There is more than one way to solve a current query, if you have one, so take the Creative, Peaceful and Joyous route.

    5. Loki ~ 1) You are called to try more of a light-hearted approach. Be Heyoka. Be Coyote.  AND PLAY! Make sure your are playing enough…. 2.) Also this could mean that if you are unsure if someone or something, in your life is changing for the worst or you feel is on a devolving decline, your intuition is right– take some space to recalibrate…3.) if you really unsure about someone you just met, take some space from this person or situation and reevaluate things.

   6. Well of Wyrd ~ Magick is Real. The Runes are Beckoning You. Deepen your Path of Knowledge and Practice, right now, as your main focus, thus then– Synchronicities will Abound, Blessings flow, the deeper you go! Fear NoT, Leap into Magicks…this is your Message.

  7. The Void ~ A little Mystery is  a positive thing. You aren’t to know now. …Haha…so…GO ON, NOW, GIT!

  8. Teiwaz ~ 1.) Have Faith. Your Hard Work will Pay off. Let things germinate and don’t be too discouraged. 2.) If you are thinking of starting something new… Make the Leap. 3.) Be Direct with someone. Do not mince words….show this someone, the TRUTH without hesitating or being too concerned about how you’re wording things. The Truth will help them.

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