About Services:

Kate is a Shamanic Practitioner who utilizes the metaphysical support of:

 EnergyWork, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Journeywork, Soul

Retrieval, Animal Totem Retrieval, Divination, Mediumship and Intuitive Readings in her practice. Kate is an addictions therapist, and ordained inter-faith minister and Reiki Master/Teacher who has mentoredthrough various Shamanic Mystery Schools: ie., Divine Light Ministries andthe Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing. Kate has worked withDharma Teachers and Self Inquiry Teachers in furthering the depth andunderstanding of Holistic Healing. Kate enjoys offering a wide range ofShamanic healing modalities, tailor-made for each individual’s needs andsoul’s progression on the path of Healing and Growth.


For Intuitive Readings, Healings, Reiki, Shamanic Journeywork, Distance Healing, Intuitive Jewelry Design & Spiritual Counseling, even available Via Skype. Contact us via “Shamanic Endeavors” on Facebook  to schedule an appointment for a Reading, Reiki class & attunement or Personal, Healing session!